Monday, November 11, 2013

2 project life | week 42 - 2013

Week 42 was a fun one to put together because I got to work with the fabulous Paislee Press goodies with a bit of Studio Calico stuff thrown in. I blogged about it over on Liz's blog...go check it out HERE!

0 project life | weeks 38-41 | 2013

Now that the kids are in school I'm feeling like I have a serious lack of photos!! This week I only used 6 photos, so I decided to try something new and make my favorite photo from the week take up the entire right side of my spread. I love how it turned out!

Basically we're in a routine...Ray and I get up to start lifting weights at 6, we eat breakfast and get the kids out the door by 8. Miles attends preschool most days and I try and either get cleaning or crafting time in. After the big kids get home from school they head straight outside to play with the neighborhood kids. I've got to start remembering to capture little everyday moments again! :) 

Ray and I went golfing with our friends this weekend...unfortunately it was the only time this summer that we got out together to golf. We had so much fun! I even sunk an amazing putt from one side of the green to the other, it was pretty awesome! 

Week 39 brought what I felt like the beginning of fall. My color choices for the week kinda reflect that! :) 

It became cold enough for the kids to start wearing jackets outside...thanks to H&M, my kids look super cute in their hoodies! :) We also had some amazing sunrises this week, and since we're up before 6 we see them! 

I decorated for Halloween this week. It's quickly becoming my second favorite holiday (Christmas being first) to decorate for! We took the kids to see a fire engine this weekend and the rest of the weekend was full of church, meetings and football. :) 

Ray was gone this whole week on a trip to Wisconsin. Thankfully the week went by quickly and the kids were really good despite being out of school Thursday and Friday! 

We built forts, played with shadows and took naps. 

Watched cartoons and General Conference, built more forts and were super happy when daddy got home! 

We had a lot of fun in week 41!

We started off the week by taking the kids to the corn maze for FHE. We loved it, it's become a really fun tradition. Ray took Bryleigh on a daddy-daughter date. 

We also went to the high school football game because Bryleigh was cheering during the first quarter. Then on Saturday while I was at the church crafting with friends, Ray took the kids to the temple to do a service project on the grounds.  

Monday, November 04, 2013

1 project life | weeks 34-37-2013

So here I am...playing catch-up again! I thought for sure that when the kids went back to school I'd have more "me time" to get my Project Life caught up, but it seems that things have just gotten busier. I'm now almost completely caught up and over the next week I'll be sharing my finished PL spreads! :)

Week 34 was a great week. We began the week with Ray and I going zip-lining for the very first time. We had a blast!!

Our daughter had her first bike accident and got some major road rash. I finally found a fun way to use those amazing big red letters from Studio Calico! :)

Jeremy lost another tooth and it's looking like he has more holes in his mouth than teeth these days.

We had a relaxing, easy weekend with the sister missionaries over for dinner and Sunday naps...the best!

Up close of the left side:

 I wanted to use that "yippie" card that was an extra in one of my SC kits, so I put the photo on the bottom to block out all the extra text that was on it! Got the "epic" button from the Dollar Spot at Target! :)

I bought the Navy Pier kit from SC just for these letter and I've been hoarding them. I love how they kind of covered up her gross knee here, but still made a bold statement! 

And a close-up of the right side: 

 Week 35 was all about getting ready to send the kids back to school. Oh...and my birthday!

We spent the majority of the week getting school supplies ready and sharpening pencils, which is a huge task! Especially when my electric sharpener died about 7 pencils in. Boo! The kids had "meet the teacher night" this week too. Jeremy is a mini-me of his teacher and Bryleigh has the same teacher she had last year and is so excited to have her again! 

Yeah, I sharpened 84 hand. Ugh. 

My birthday was on Sunday so Friday night Ray took me out to our favorite restaurant to celebrate. 33 is going to be a good year for me, I can feel it!

On Saturday we watched football!!! YAY! I'm a huge college football fan and even love a good Denver Broncos game thrown in there, so glad it's football season!

I also taught Bryleigh how to refinish some furniture, she was a huge help in painting the drawers! 

I loved this quote, it's my mantra for my 33rd year. :) 

Notice I skipped week 36 in here....I did a PL layout for the "Cutting Edge" class at Studio Calico (which in and of itself was a dream come true!) But I can't share it here on my blog right now. But if you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen the was all about heading back to school!

Week 37 was spent just relaxing, hubby was gone on a business trip. :(

Miles started preschool and of course he loves it. We said goodbye to daddy, and since he was gone I decided to paint the front door! 

 We ran carpool, the kids got in their groove in their new school classes, I got my haircut, the boys played in the bathtub non-stop and daddy got home from his trip. Yep, that's about it in a nutshell!

Stay tuned for more catch-up photos! :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

1 project life | week 33 - 2013

I'm sharing my PL spread for week 33 on the Paislee Press blog today, go check it out!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

1 project life | weeks 30-32 - 2013

Sorry I'm a bit behind in posting my layouts, I've had them done...just now getting to blogging about them!

Here's my week 30:

We were on our second session of swimming lessons, our third week and the kids were loving it! I saw so much improvement in each of them, I'm so glad we decided to do 4 weeks of lessons this summer! 

We had to say good-bye to our favorite babysitter, Emily. She just moved away to college and the kids were super sad that she was headed off. She has babysat our kids since Jeremy was a baby so all of our kids love her! We'll sure miss having her around! :)

Ray and I got to go to the temple this week to see a family in our ward be sealed in the temple. It was a great experience!

We also found out this week that Ray's medical bills were all written off...huge, amazing blessing. We are so extremely grateful.

I had a huge accomplishment in my doTerra business this week...I reached the rank of Executive. It's been a lot of hard work, but so rewarding!

Ray and I decided to re-do our kitchen table this week, love how it turned out! 

Week 31: 

The boys are all really into the Rescue Bots right now. 

I got a new haircut this week...feels good!

Bryleigh had a couple of playdates this week, one with her friend Kamryn and one with some friends from our ward...they had a bake sale. 

This was our last week of swimming lessons. They've had so much fun learning so many new skills. I'm proud of their accomplishments!

We've harvested our first zucchini and yellow squash...I love to cook them up in the oven with a little butter and breadcrumbs. I've been eating it for lunch all week! :) 

Week 32: 

Bryleigh got a new haircut. She picked out the picture all by herself, a longer style pixie cut. It looks super cute on her!

It was fair week so we went to the parade, then to the fair later in the week. The kids love it, it's become a tradition since we moved here.  

We took the kids outside and taught Miles how to pedal his bike. He now can go uphill and down...he picked it up so quickly!

Bryleigh lost another tooth this week!

We ended the week by giving both cars a carwash...checking that off our summer bucket list! :) 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

1 project life | week 29 - 2013

This week was a lot of fun...we continued with our swimming lessons and we got to celebrate Miles' fourth birthday!!

I dedicated the entire left side to Miles' birthday. I always feel overwhelmed to document their birthday's perfectly...but I decided to just focus on some of our favorite moments from the day. I knew I wanted to add in a questionnaire by Miles himself. :)

He got a big wheel for his birthday and we had lots of fun taking him outside afterwards and letting him learn how to ride it.  

He had a bubble bath on his special's one of his favorite things to do. I captured some fun photos of him all by himself in there. Little details that I want to remember about him turning four. By the did he grow up so fast overnight? He looked so big on his birthday!

When taking his birthday photos he wanted to pose for me and show me his ninja fight turned out to be one of my favorite photos.  

This side was dedicated to the rest of our week. More swimming lessons, more summer fun, funky new hairstyles and mice in the garage. Yeah, that last one was not fun at added lots of cleaning and organizing to our schedule that weekend. Oh the joys of living in an area surrounded by fields and farmland. :)

I mentioned the was so fun to try a new style, it will definitely be making an appearance again! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1 project life catch-up | weeks 25 to 28 - 2013

I've got lots of catching up to do! We have had a crazy busy summer the last month! We've crammed most of our summer fun into the last 4 weeks and we're finally taking it easy and relaxing the rest of the summer...which means I get to catch up on my Project Life!

Week 25 was a fun one...and hot too!

The kids played outside a ton...they started working on their little tans.
We bought a punch pass to the community pool and started hanging out there in the afternoons.
We tie-dyed our 4th of July t-shirts for a family activity.
The kids set up a movie theater in the living room for them and ALL of their stuffed animals. 

Jeremy stayed dressed up as spiderman almost all week long.
I went to a doTerra party and got pampered...and in turn taught my husband and kids all about the fine art of foot soaks and scrubs.
My lilies bloomed.
We had a primary activity that was carnival themed, the kids loved the slip-n-slide best.
We saw the super moon. 

Week 26...the week that nana came to stay with the kids while Ray and I went on our Stake Youth Trek. 

We were asked to be the photographers/videographers on the trek and had so. much. fun.
It was such a memorable experience for us both.
We rode in a UTV.
We took over 800 photos and at least 4 hours of video.
We got caught in rain one day and heat the rest of the time.
We saw lots and lots of sagebrush. 

We enjoyed spending a whole week together focusing on what is most important.
We made memories that we'll cherish forever. 

Week 27 was all about spending time with family for the 4th and running in the Color in Motion 5k. 

Mom and I saved seats for the parade that we said we'd never go to again.
We had so much more fun this year than last time.
The kids loved the parade and especially the candy and cousin time. 

We roasted smores on dad's gas grill.
We played in the sprinklers and popped pops.
Uncle Daniel taught Bryleigh chopsticks on the piano.
We played Boxers or Briefs as a family...our favorite game.
Ray and I, along with my sister Ashley and brother-in-law Daniel ran the 5k together.
It was awesome. And colorful. 

Week 28 was the first week of swimming lessons for the three kids.

We had a goldfish, guppie and minnow.
They learned so much in this first week. 

We made homemade popsicles.
I finally found time and cooler weather to weed the garden.
We drove to Boise to celebrate Miles' birthday early by taking the kids to the aquarium.
Which they loved.
We got to pet sting rays.
Yeah it was cool. 

And that's the re-cap of our last 4 weeks!! :)


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